As a company we have tried many methods to create sales. Over the years we have developed ways with you the partner in mind. Not everyone can hard sell and with that in mind the techniques we use work to overcome this problem

Our leaflets are designed for the partners that want to simply drop them off at business and simply pick them up a week later, some will have orders attached to them.

Email offers and campaigns are generated by head office and always yield orders, these change monthly.

Social media is an excellent marketing tool which also allows you to be in contact with clients all over the country.

Friends and colleagues are always willing to help a new business get started

We have stands that go into independent trade merchants and DIY shops, head office will support this side of your business and provide as many stands as you require.

Introducing other partners is an excellent way to increase an income stream, we have designed a tier system that allows the introducer to take percentage profit from all sales generated.

Referral system from existing clients, we offer a commission to clients that refer others with a store credit to be taken off future orders.

One good thing to remember is that every client you take on will repeat many times a year usually every quarter, as time goes on you will find every three months that your client base doubles.

Remember we are not looking for hundreds of orders for you to achieve a good income.

Simply follow our trusted methods and you will achieve 30+ garments a day to start with, we have no doubt that you will reach a minimum of 25k per annum part time and there is no upper limit to earnings.

More importantly the initial fee will be covered within the first month and with the stock credit given to you as part of the package you will also have your working capital. There really is very little risk to you becoming a Connectbrand Partner

We are passionate about what we do

We pay attention to every detail

We wish to advise and guide you as you develop

We take pride in serving you and helping you thrive

Join us in our mission to be at the forefront of our industry

Together we have the leading edge.